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“Colin here – just to let you know that Paul kicked serious butt with your fantastic drums over the weekend with our new band EL VATO. Everybody commented how well Paul played and what a GREAT sound he had!!!

Attached is a great photo from the Cambridge Rock Festival gig on Sunday 19th Aug 2007.”

© Photo by Wendy Wilson 2007

“Hello mate, how ya keeping? hope all is well! Just letting ya know that the ball has started rolling at top speed as we’re approaching our European tour! I must say, once again, how good these bloody drums are. It was a pleasure laying in to them at rehearsals last week. I have production this week before we fly out to Ireland on Friday. And I must I have know doubt in my mind, whatsoever, you will here nothing but good comments about ya drums! I’m looking forward to reading the punters opinion on ya kit! We have got some really big festival gigs on this tour. Especially the ones in Europe. Apparently they’re really big high profile shows that we’re playing! Some of which are Glastonbury type festivals, so there could be anything from around 50 to a 100,000 people attending!!!”

and family.

“I wish I had known about your company before I pulled the trigger on my new kit. These snares are an outstanding value and sound absolutely phenomenal! Thanks again, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more! ”


“Have seen APFS now about a dozen times over 10 or so years. Paul, who reminds me of the drummer in the Muppets (he bobs up and down just the same), plays an awesome set. The richness of sound is phenominal enhanced by these fab new drums.

Brighton, their first gig of the UK tour was just great and looking forward to Fairfield Halls in Croydon now.

And here’s to next years tour…..and the next…”

Clive Hancocks

Paul Bonney and Clive Brooks have given Bucks County Drums a huge thumbs up!! They completed sound check late last night with the Aussie Pink Floyd Show in Stockton, California, kicking off a 40 some show here in the states. “The drums sounded huge,” as stated by Paul, also saying that they “shook the entire place!”

“I passed the information to our drummer. He said we will be calling. I did catch the Aussie Pink Floyd show last night again where I had learned about your company. The set that Paul Bonney uses sounded incredible, he is an excellent drummer. I did catch two shows that’s how good it was.”


“Boy I love these Drums (My set is in the galley “4/10″)! Chris did a fantastic job, I get nothing but complements about the set: The finish, sound, build quality, are all top notch. Now it’s time to have Chris build me a matching snare.”

Dave Monahan

“In my 15 years of playing drums, they’re easily the best-sounding kit I’ve ever played. Thank you for your attention to detail, and for being such a good, knowledgable guy to work with. Your help in choosing the kit I wanted that would work for recording was fantastic. Great work; I hope to be coming back to you in the future.

Hope all is well.”

Matt Hasson

“I am not a drummer and most likely will never be. But I do attend many, many concerts and I just caught the 2 Australian Pink Floyd shows in Philly. I have NEVER heard such a incredibly sounding drum kit than that of Paul Bonney’s. I hate it when drummers “camp out ” on the snare drum and Paul is a true testimony of not doing that. You guys are on to something big time and I hope that you can add a lot more drummers to your client list. Keep up the good work!”

Christopher Gibson

“I love it. The drums sound huge. The bass drum is fantastic. I’ve been doing some research to find a good case for it. I would recommend BCDC to anyone that wants a custom set with killer sound. Thank you for shipping the set securely and fast.”


“Super KILLER drums! DW? Never heard of them. . . THANKS!!!!”

“Thank you so much for your prompt info. Your company sounds like a class act the builds a good product.”


“Thanks for the kind words. The drums look and sound amazing and I’m excited about getting some of my own.”


“I have been playing drums professionally for 15 years and when I see drums that are of good quality (like your drums) and sound amazing, I get excited about it.”


“I love it. The drums sound huge. The bass drum is fantastic. I’ve been doing some research to find a good case for it. I would recommend BCDC to anyone that wants a custom set with killer sound. Thank you for shipping the set securely and fast.”


“The people that have your drums rave about them on the internet. Thanks and you will hear from me soon either way.”

Scott Williams

“And when I go for another kit, I will remember you and your friendly customer service. ”


“My custom set from Bucks County Drum Company has stood up to over one year of steady performances and still sound as good as the day they arrived from the factory. Volume, Clarity and Durability; these drums have it all for any genre of music. ”

Bill “Moose” Nuckols, Past Out!

“Dude….I can’t say enough about the drums that you crafted for me. Now that I have had them for awhile I have fully realized how great they sound and how enjoyable they are to play, so keep at man…you have great talent. I was thinking about adding a 10″ tom to the kit. Is that like a real nuisance to do just one drum? Do you have any of the blue pearl wrap left over?”


“Hey Chris, just wanted to say the kit sounds perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing.  It’s so huge and focused, it sounds live/mic’d up at band practice.  Can’t wait to record it in August.  Thanks so much again, I’ll get something up on social media soon.”

Dan F.