Bucks County Drum Company’s Patent pending Semi Solid design is a result of years of development. It rises from the dust a winner… the product of a lifetime of woodworking, love of drumming, and 11 years of fine drum building. Coupled with our exclusive E.T.S, (Enhanced Tonal System), this cutting edge format brings you all of the warmth, richness, fullness, and variety of tones found in solid wood drums. When fused to the backbone of the design, a super thin 5 ply maple exterior shell, you now have all of the strength, integrity, and consistency, expected from a standard ply drum. Finally, players can have the perfect combination; a superior sounding instrument, that has exceptional strength, is extremely user friendly, and easy to tune.

Current available shells species and their sound characteristics:

  • Ash – Beautiful domestic hardwood with very light to brown colorization. Gives and warm woody tone with an awesome low-end growl and punch, especially in larger drums. Good volume
  • Soft Maple – Gray to white in color with brown flecks. This domestic species is softer than Hard Maple. It produces more midrange attack than Hard maple rather than high end attack. It is warm with good tone. Medium volume.
  • Mahogany – Gorgeous red to pink or Salmon colors in this exotic hardwood. Super warm with great low end and just a really smooth sweet tone. Low to medium volume.
  • Poplar – This domestic hardwood is white to green in color with some brown here and there…it produces a very warm a punchy Vintage tone with surprising volume.
  • Walnut – This domestic Hardwood is medium to dark brown on color. It is very warm and punchy, with mid range attack. Average volume.
  • Yellow Heart – Is an exotic hardwood, which is golden yellow in color and can have some brown streaks in it. While it is hard and brittle to work with, it has excellent low end, and produces a well rounded smooth tone, allowing smaller drums to sound larger than their actual size. Similar to Mahogany but a bit louder.
  • Oak – Domestic oak in white or red species, has brownish to reddish colorization. This hardwood is loud, with good low end, it is punchy, and has decent attack. If you want power, this is it.

*Other Exotic species available upon request for specialty snare drum orders*

Remember, Semi-Solid shells produce a much heavier/thicker tone that carries into the audience much better than a standard ply drum. This allows the player to play more comfortably and in a controlled manner…in other words, you don’t have to beat the heck out of your drums to be heard! These drums are also very “microphone friendly” and require no dampening of any kind. They are warm, resonant, and very pleasing to the ears…you will never want to play anything else…